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Today we’re going to be talking about WordPress with Litespeed+LSCasche

The results speak for themselves I’ve installed the same WordPress included on 2 domains each on a different server with exactly the same content, database, and active plugins with the exception of the Litespeed Cache WordPress plugin.

The kvm VPS servers have equivalent specs 6Gb ram CENTOS 7.5 kvm [cpanel]   v74.0.6

A lot of people ask me is Litespeed+LScache really worth it? It most definitely is.

You get all the optimizations you would have to have 5-10 different plugins for all in one easy to set and forget plugin.

Litespeed Cache optimizes images and so much more in the plugin.

You can read more about Litespeed here


and LSCache here


We sell Litespeed Optimized shared hosting which covers WordPress and any other scripts that have LSCache plugins. Even stuff without plugins can benefit from the improved performance of Litespeed.

Don’t let your site languish with poor performance get your site hosted with the best!

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