In this guide we will show you how to install and setup Monero GUI connect and use our public remote full monero node mlycnfepdxk2ydxm.onion:8081

If you want to see how to setup your own full node on a VPS/Server see this guide.


This will allow you to not have to download the full Monero blockchain locally as you would normally have to use Monero Gui

First off you will want to download Monero for your computer.


Once downloaded and extracted open monero-wallet-gui.exe in that directory where the you downloaded and extracted monero-wallet-gui.  Use Monero




You will want to ensure you backup both the seed and your 3 wallet files somewhere safe.


Give it some time to sync thankfully its not syncing the whole blockchain so it should be pretty fast.


The above test wallet has been deleted and was only used for demonstration purposes.


Were looking into making it work over tor/i2p as well in future.


If your looking for an easy way to get some Monero and you have some cryptocurrency like bitcoin/ether etc  you can use


We also accept xmr/monero for all hosting services upon request. We offer VPN tunnels,Shared hosting, Virtual private servers etc.

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What The Server Donation

What The Server Donation