Reseller Hosting

Today I will be talking about our newly launched reseller plans.


WHMCS is an automation tool for webhosting and billing/licensing.

WHM/cPanel is the admin part of the cPanel webhosting control panel

You may be asking what is a “reseller plan”?  Reseller hosting allows you to bulk buy resources and resell them at a markup to your clients. It’s a great way to passively make extra money, with very little overhead and investment.  This is a popular way to start your very own hosting company without spending thousands of dollars buying licenses, servers, and a tedious setup.  With reseller plans, you can easily buy more plans and scale up to host more and more clients as your business takes off.


These are great for more creative people who design websites or do coding and need to host and/or test lots of sites. With a reseller plan, you can create a sub-account for each domain as needed and provide those logins to your clients. Then they can manage stuff on their own or you can manage it for them, but it will keep their stuff segmented from other clients.


We have various plans and can do custom plans to suit your needs. We know hosting and have already done all the legwork to design and setup optimal servers with the best configurations.


We also fully support using automation tools like WHMCS via API with WHM and it will work for automated deployment so our clients can signup on your own website, checkout and it auto deploys onto our servers.  We offer an additional separate cPanel account just to host the WHMCS installation so it’s separate from the server the accounts are being deployed on. This ensures WHMCS will function properly and if there ever is a server-side issue client area is for your clients is not hosted on the same server as the issue, so adds redundancy and allows you to communicate with your clients during that time.


We have seen a lot of other hosts that have faulty re-seller plans where the accounts being deployed are on the same server as the WHMCS. This breaks the automation as the Apache is restarted when creating an account and it interrupts the WHMCS PHP/HTTPS process before completing. This creates the account in WHM but does not reflect that in WHMCS and then you have to manually accept all the orders with the deploy option unchecked. This is a nightmare and a common headache for those just starting out with a reseller plan and not aware that the WHMCS should be hosted on a different server then the client accounts. We have a highly secure custom server for just that task and it’s set up for the latest versions of PHP and Immunify360 antimalware WaF that will keep your billing/client area site safe.


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