Affiliate Program Rules and Conditions

  1. Here at WhatTheServer we respect both your anonymity and your wallet!  You spread the word and bringing new clients to WhatTheServer and we will pay you back with a 5% referral fee applicable to your account 30 days after the first full month of qualifying service.

    To join our affiliate program simply log into the client area, go to , and click the activate button. You will then be able to see and use your affiliate link.

  2. 1)     The Affiliate program is subject to cancellation or alteration without notice.

  3. 2)    The referral payback rate is 5% unless otherwise stated.

  4. 3)    The referral fee is only rewarded on the referred client’s initial purchase and for the first month of qualifying services.

  5. 4)      Referral paybacks will occur after the following conditions are met:

  6.           a.       The referred client purchases a qualifying service within 90 days of using your referral link.
  7.           b.      The qualifying service is active for at least 30 days from the date of purchase.

  8. 5)      The affiliate system use a cookie based link that must be clicked on by the referred client. Once the client clicks the link they will have 30 days in which to purchase a qualifying service. If the client deletes the cookie prior to making a qualifying purchase you WILL NOT receive credit for the referral.

  9. 6)      All referral bonus received as part of the affiliate program will be applied as a credit to the participating affiliates account to be used to extend current services or add on additional services.

  10. 7)      We reserve the right to deny payout of referral fees to any registered affiliate whose account has been suspended or terminated.
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