How to change the root password

How to change the root password

Change root password:

There are two kind of things we need to note,

  • Known the existing password, need to change the old one to new password.
  • Forgotten the existing password, need to change the password.

Known existing password :

  • login to the root shell with the existing password
  • type “passwd”
  • it asks for the new password. just give the new password
  • retype the same for verification.

Thats it !…..

Forgotten the root password :

You can log in with single-user mode and create a new root password,

  • Reboot your computer
  • If you are currently set up to log in to X rather than a console, press [Ctrl]-[X] when prompted. It takes to you to the boot: prompt
  • type linux single to enter single-user mode
  • Now you can change the password, type ” passwd root “
  • re-type the password for verification. your root password will be changed
  • type “shutdown -r now” for reboot

Now you can enter the root shell with the new password.

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